Student Spotlight 2024

Student Spotlight 2024

Each month a student will be featured for exemplary work and dedication to music. Enjoy!

March 2024

columbus piano student 43209

Dafna Skolnik

Dafna is 15 years old and in the ninth grade. She’s been taking lessons since she was eight years old. Dafna comes from a very musical family, so she’s been around instruments and singing her whole life, and that made her want to learn music too! She loves playing fast pieces on the piano because it’s so fun to watch her fingers move across the keys. Dafna loves her piano teacher, Ms. Laurie, and says she wouldn’t be the musician she is without Laurie’s guidance and meaningful conversations. Dafna’s goal in music is to always keep improving. Her favorite food is sushi, and she loves the Bexley library. Her favorite subject in school is biology, and her favorite game to play with friends is “Cards Against Humanity.” If she could meet someone famous, she would love to meet Taylor Swift. Thanks for all your hard work, Dafna!

February 2024

Hadar and Laurie

Hadar Skolnik

Hadar is nine years old and in the third grade. She started taking lessons on her favorite instrument, the piano, in second grade. Everyone in Hadar’s family is musical, so she started learning the piano so she can keep the tradition going! She loves her teacher, Ms. Laurie, and that every time she walks into her lesson, there’s a smile waiting to greet her! Hadar’s favorite thing about music is always being able to learn more and knowing that even if she makes a mistake, it’s okay. Every week with Ms. Laurie, she sets a small goal for herself and is just always trying to get better, and always trying to reach those goals. Hadar attends the Columbus Jewish Day School, and her favorite subject is Bible studies. Her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite place to go in Bexley is the library. She loves playing “Telestrations” with her family, and if she could meet a famous person, she would choose Taylor Swift or Lizzo. Thanks for being our Student of the Month, Hadar!

January 2024

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CJ Tedder

CJ is 13 years old and in the 8th grade. He has been taking violin lessons since last summer, although his favorite instrument is the piano. CJ’s family plays instruments, so he decided he wanted to learn one too! He really enjoys the creativity that music involves and all the different things you can play. His favorite memory of being a musician was his first band concert! CJ’s goal is to be very diligent and practice consistently. His favorite food is tiramisu, but he’s also a fan of Johnson’s Ice Cream. His favorite subject is language arts, and his favorite game is “Mortal Kombat X.” CJ, thanks for being our Student of the Month!