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We inspire people, strengthen community, and guide lifelong musical journeys for students in a welcoming environment using high quality private music instruction for everyone for the betterment of society.


People with a lifelong love of music.


Inspire People

Develop Creativity

Demonstrate Excellence

Strengthen Community

Be Reliable


  • Inspire People: As a music teacher at Chambers Music Studio, your primary responsibility is to inspire and nurture the musical talents of our students. You will provide engaging and enriching music lessons that ignite a love for music and encourage students to explore their full potential.

  • Develop Creativity: Foster creativity and self-expression in your students. Encourage them to compose, improvise, and explore various musical genres to help them find their unique voice as musicians.

  • Demonstrate Excellence: Lead by example and set high standards for musical excellence. Through your teaching, you will instill a commitment to continuous improvement and a dedication to honing their craft. Devote time and effort to prepare your students for special performances and recitals, helping them shine on stage, while also engaging in continuing education yourself. 

  • Strengthen Community: Create a supportive and inclusive music community within our school. Encourage collaboration, teamwork, and a sense of belonging among your students, promoting a shared love for music. Regularly communicate the progress and development of your students to their families and the studio to ensure everyone is informed and involved.

  • Be Reliable: Consistency is key in music education. You will maintain a reliable schedule, attend lessons punctually, and communicate effectively with students and their families to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Character Traits

  • You possess a deep passion for music education.
  • You are eager to nurture the talents of budding musicians.
  • You thrive in a vibrant community of fellow musicians.
  • You don’t settle for anything but the best.
  • You seek a stable and consistent work schedule.


  • A bachelor’s degree in your instrument or equivalent expertise.
  • Proven teaching experience with your instrument.
  • A track record of effectively engaging with children and their families.

Are you a passionate and dedicated music educator who is committed to making a positive impact inthe lives of students? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our school and help us inspire the next generation of musicians. At Chambers Music Studio, we firmly believe in the values of inspiring musicians, developing creativity, demonstrating excellence, fostering community, and being reliable, and we are looking for dynamic music teachers and office staff who share these values to become part of our team. 

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Chambers Music Studio is an equal opportunity employer.