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Offering private and small group lessons in Bexley, Ohio since 2013, Chambers Music Studio is the premier music school for music classes. We make an unparalleled commitment to our students and are able to tailor our students’ instruction to meet their individual needs, regardless of skill or experience level. Our gifted instructors make it easy for our students to learn in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Group music classes are an incredible way to enjoy music with friends. Contact Chambers Music Studio today to register for your music classes. 

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Prince and Princess Classes

You are cordially invited to tea with the queen. You must learn the proper royal etiquette. Students develop beginning vocal skills, including pitch matching, breathe support and control, diction, dynamics, and vocal tone in a playful atmosphere. Beat, rhythm and phrasing will be developed through singing and moving to music while acting like royalty. Snag your spot now to learn royal singing, dancing, and acting skills. 


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Mommy & Me-Music Time

Sing. Dance. Play.

With strong influences from the Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Orff pedagogies, this class aims to develop the care-giver/child bond, while developing the building blocks of music. Not just for mommies, dads, grandparents, and other caregivers are welcome to participate with their young children while practicing singing, steady beat, music comparatives, and more. Students develop steady beat and part-work while singing and playing age appropriate musical instruments like wood blocks, rhythm sticks, hand drums and more. The high quality, music also helps develop speech and language acquisition. Students will sing, move, and play instruments in this playful atmosphere. 



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"Language is a special type of music, children learn prosodic features of language (tone, pace) before they understand words or sounds."*
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Renee Sheline M.A. CCC- SLP
Speech pathologist

*From her review of Music and Early Language Acquisition from Frontiers in Psychology.

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Music Time
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Ukulele Riffs & Rhythms

Rock out to your favorite tune on this easy and fun instrument—the ukulele! Students will learn how to play typical chords used in many popular tunes. 


World Drumming

This class is an age appropriate exploration of rhythms and techniques influenced by African drumming! Students will work on coordination, basic musical concepts, and ensemble skills.


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World Drumming
Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Experience

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Sing. Dance. Act

Join your friends or make new ones in this incredible experience. Sing, dance, and act, while developing important creative skills. 

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Musical Theatre

Music And Language Skills/Literacy Development

Not only does music benefit your physical and mental health, but it also improves early language and literacy development. Participating in music classes has been shown to have many cognitive benefits. This process serves to sharpen the mind, as well as enhance communication skills. These benefits have been shown to be incredibly long-lasting. Many adults show enhanced neural responses due to taking music lessons as children, even if they no longer play. Though these benefits are likely more pronounced in children, due to the enhanced elasticity of their brains, they can provide benefits for adults, as well.

Music And Your Health

Scientists have also found that listening to and participating in music classes, positively affects your mental health and mood. Listening to and playing music has been shown to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain while improving one’s memory, mental alertness, and sleep quality.

Music And The Brain

Scientists have studied the effects of music on the mind. Music keeps your brain engaged. Listening to or playing music offers your brain mental exercise that keeps it strong throughout the aging process.

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