Musical Living

An independent study for parents/caregivers to strengthen a bond with the child, build music skills, develop language acquisition, & sensory-motor competency in a musical environment. The course includes a step by step guide and short instructional videos to create a musical environment consisting of weekly songs and activities. Ideal for busy families.

Caregivers will do playful activities while saying rhymes and singing songs with their children. This strengthens the caregiver/child bond.

“Language is a special type of music, children learn prosodic features of language (tone, pace) before they understand words or sounds.”*

Renee Sheline M.A. CCC- SLP​ Speech Pathologist

Students will begin to develop the beginning skills to keeping a steady beat which is the building block to future music study.

Caregivers and children will interact while singing or rhyming using clapping, tapping, finger play, and movement which provides sensory stimulation for young learners. 

Not only does music benefit your physical and mental health, but it also improves early language and literacy development. Music has been shown to have many cognitive benefits. This process serves to sharpen the mind, as well as enhance communication skills. These benefits have been shown to be incredibly long-lasting. Many adults show enhanced neural responses due to taking music classes as children. Though these benefits are likely more pronounced in children, due to the enhanced elasticity of their brains, they can provide benefits for adults, as well.

Give Yourself Grace

You can sing. Your child will love singing these songs with you.

Have Patience

Be patient with yourself. Do your best.

Have Fun

Enjoy the activities and time with your child.

Be Playful

Start with the suggested activities. Then make it your own. Can you create your own activity variation? Can you change the words to be silly or fun?

Get Started with Musical Living

  1. Sign up.
  2. Download the app Teacherzone.
  3. Login.
  4. Every Sunday evening at 8-8:15 check your practice assignments for the week. If you can’t make it then, it’ll still be there tomorrow.
  5. Teach your children the songs.
  6. Enjoy creating a musical atmosphere in your home!

Musical Living-May 1

Start your journey to creating a musical environment.

Musical Living-June 1

Start your journey to creating a musical environment.