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With a public school music background, Julie Chambers has been teaching private piano and voice lessons from her home in Bexley, OH since 2013. She enjoyed watching her students grow musically, emotionally, and developmentally. Inspired by Zoltan Kodaly’s quote, “music is for everyone,” we focus on creating an inclusive environment for students to learn. 

A Musical Community

Julie enjoyed teaching private lessons from home. However, over the years she noticed a problem. Private music lessons can feel isolating. Students meet their teacher at their home or the teacher’s home, without much contact with other members of the community. She really enjoyed the support, relationships, and friendships her community provided, so began her journey to open a community music school. Our mission is to bring people together through music. 

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Influenced by music educator, composer, and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály, Julie sought to create a community music school accessible to everyone. Educating students in Bexley and Columbus, Ohio, we’re now offering lessons in brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion, and more. 

Mission Statement

Bringing people together through music.

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"Music is for everyone." -Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály was an educator, pedagogue, musician, ethnomusicologist, and philosopher. Born in Hungary in the late 1800s, he believed that music was for everyone. He wanted people to know the joy of music and understand high quality music. Kodály and Bartók studied and retrieved folk songs in the remote areas of Hungary. Folk music is considered of the highest quality, because it has lasted through the ages. Passed down through the oral tradition, only the best pieces and versions have survived. These folk songs were used in his music philosophy and compositional works.  His philosophy to teaching music focuses on preparing students for success, while leading them to become independent musicians.

Joy of Music

In addition to music enjoyment, Kodály desired to develop the whole musician. He believed that a strong music education would create a strong musical society. The more you understand something, the more you love it. By developing the musical ear, mind, hand, and heart students would love music. His philosophy to music education focuses on  preparing students for success and leading students in a guided discovery method. Here at Chambers Music Studio we aspire to develop all skills needed for a high quality music education while promoting a lifelong love of music.

Kodaly Kodaly

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