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Guitar Lessons

Guitar is a fun instrument to learn because it’s so awesome! Whether it’s rock, jazz, folk or pop, it’s so cool. So many people love the guitar and that’s why you’re here—to learn your favorite song and impress your friends. The cool thing is that we tailor your lessons specifically to you. You want to rock out like the Beatles, play along to some Ed Sheeran, John Legend, or even Mumford & Songs, we got you. Whatever’s your jam, we’ll teach you.

Why Choose Guitar?

Be apart of a band. Jam with your friends. Join something bigger than yourself. Stand on stage and perform for someone. See your music resonate with the audience members, and know that your performance touched someone. Really learn your favorite song inside and out. Whatever your reasons or goals, we’ll help you meet them.

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The guitar is challenging for young students. Usually students ages 7 or 8 are the youngest to get started on guitar. For very young students, we recommend ukulele because it’s an excellent predecessor to the guitar. The smaller instrument is ideal for young hands.

Intermediate Students

The guitar is an excellent instruments for students with some musical experience, or older students looking for an instrument they can quickly master popular tunes they know.

Advanced Students

You’ve been studying music for sometime now and you’re really good at playing guitar. There might be some areas that you’re struggling with. We can help hone those areas to help you reach your goals. You might need to build your music theory knowledge, note reading skills, or performance presence. Regardless, we have quality teachers with all those same experiences to help you.

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Ukulele is the newest, coolest pop instrument. Just hear the opening to Soul Sister and you’re playing along to air ukulele. It’s light and airy with a beat that you just have to rock out too. Hear Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and you’re suddenly in Hawaii enjoying the warm sun, ocean breeze, and salty air. It’s a great starter for guitar. Its size is great for smaller hands and only has 4 strings making it a quick instrument to pick up. Ukulele is great for young students, but it's also just an awesome instrument that anyone of any age can learn.

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That’s right. Banjo. The folky, earthy, fun, jamming instrument you never thought you could learn. When Taylor Swift busted out with a banjo in Mean, I was blown away. So rich with life and experience. It has the rhythm and harmony to reach your inner folk or country star. If this sounds like you, we are happy to help you reach your unique musical goals.

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Electric or Upright Bass​

Bass is the foundation of the band. It’s the rhythm and harmonic core to your favorite song. Have you heard that walking bass in a jazz ensemble? It’s the driving force in a jazz trio. Already know guitar or cello? It’s an easy transition to bass, but it still has its own important techniques to learn and develop.

Music Concepts

While studying guitar, ukulele, or bass you’ll not only learn your favorite pop or rock song, but you’ll learn how music works. Do you want to write your own songs or improvise your own versions of favorite tunes? Maybe you just want to be a great guitarist? With our lessons, you’ll also learn about ear training, music theory, rhythm, note reading, and more. All the skills you need to be your best musician.

Guitar Questions

Yes! You totally need an instrument for practice at home and lessons at the studio. Besides, once you get started, you’ll want to take it everywhere you can so you can practice some tunes  in the parking lot of the dentist’s office, on the beach, camping, or while visiting grandma. 

Learning any musical instrument requires time, practice, and patience. However, many popular songs have really fun riffs and chords that can be learned in a few lessons.  Attend lessons, practice, and enjoy the ride.  You’ll be there in no time. 

Your Financial Investment For Your Guitar & Ukuele Lessons

Research has proven the emotional, physical, and mental benefits that playing the and instrumet can offer. At Chambers Music Studio, we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality instruction in an enjoyable atmosphere. You’ll develop your expertise in technique, musicianship skills, sight-reading, ear-training, musical styles, and more. With our competitive rates you’re getting a real bargain. 


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Your Premier Ukulele Lessons in Columbus, Ohio.​

Ukulele is a great instrument to get started on at any age. We have teachers to can teach you the basics or polish your skills. Janie is just one great teacher of several teachers that can meet your educational and scheduling needs.

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