The local music school embarked on a remarkable journey, starting as a small operation teaching private lessons after school in the founder’s home. Over time, the demand for high-quality music education grew, prompting the expansion of the school’s offerings. In February of 2021, the school opened its first official location in Bexley, Ohio providing a dedicated space for students to learn and flourish in their musical pursuits. This milestone marked a significant step forward in the school’s evolution.

However, the story doesn’t end there. In March of 2023, the school acquired the local music studio Music Palette, solidifying its commitment to excellence in music education. This strategic move allowed the school to broaden its reach and further enhance its curriculum, ensuring that aspiring musicians in the community have access to top-notch instruction and resources.

Finally, we are proud to announce in May of 2024, the school acquired the local music studio DNA Music Academy. This latest acquisition is yet another testament to the school’s dedication to providing comprehensive music education. By integrating DNA Music Academy into its network, the school has not only expanded its physical footprint but also enriched its program offerings, bringing in a diverse range of experienced instructors and specialized courses. The merger has fostered a collaborative environment where innovative teaching methods and a wide array of musical styles can thrive, positioning the school as a leading institution for music education in the region. The continuous growth and development highlight the school’s unwavering mission to nurture and inspire the next generation of musicians.

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