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Piano Lessons

Piano is a great instrument to start on. It’s easy for small hands, provides a great musical foundation for future instruments, and is the standard American instrument. You can accompany yourself singing, friends or family members playing other instruments, or just play it as a solo instrument. We play love teaching piano. We incorporate, sight-reading, ear-training, music history, musicianship, musicality, and proper technique in all our private piano lessons. We also love to use various music games to help strengthen our students understanding of music concepts. Piano students may participate in a wide array of events including, family recitals, nursing home recitals, Scale Olympics, Piano Guild, Pianorama.

Student Goals/performances

We’ve all heard that learning music is like learning another language—a beautiful, fun, interesting language. Mastery requires lots of patience, time, and practice. To really encourage further improvement and progress we invite students to participate in any number of educational activities. Some students might perform at a coffee shop or ice cream parlor with the typical hustle and bustle of everyday life going on in the background, and others prefer the formal recitals at a local church or performance hall. Some students like performing in groups like our large pianorama event with multiple pianos and performers performing together, while others want to perform for judges to receive positive feedback and critique. We offer a wide array of events to suite your specific personality and preference. 

Your Financial Investment For Your Piano & Singing Lessons

Research has proven the emotional, physical, and mental benefits that playing an instrument can offer. At Chambers Music Studio, we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality instruction in an enjoyable atmosphere. You’ll develop your expertise in technique, musicianship skills, sight-reading, ear-training, musical styles, and more. With our competitive rates you’re getting a real bargain. 


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Voice Lessons

 Do you like to sing? You know you’ve sung some Taylor Swift in the shower, or Arethra Franklin into you hairbrush while flashing those fancy grooves. Don’t you just feel amazing doing it? Maybe you’re more of a Led Zeppelin in the car, or Pazaratti over dinner kind of person? Whatever style you love, we’ll help you learn the technique and musicianship skills to take you where you want to go.


Technique is just the way we use we sing. Did you know that there’s different types of healthy singing technique? Once you’ve mastered one style of singing, we’ll teach you other styles of singing, so you can sing your heart out regardless of musical style.

Musicianship Skills

While we’re here to help you learn your favorite song, you’ll also learn how to read music. We really focus on understanding how music works, how to read, write, hear, and understand music. Once you’re developed a strong vocal technique and musicianship skills, you’ll be an unstoppable musician.

Performance Anxiety

Here’s the real question. Do you love singing, but have you ever felt that you can’t sing or get too nervous to perform for people? Our master teachers will help you get over your anxiety, develop skills for performing under pressure, and give you the confidence you need to perform. Schedule your singing lesson in Bexley, Ohio today!

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