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Want to banish the words “I’m bored” once and for all this summer?

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music summer camp for kids columbus, oh

Chambers Music Studio is excited to offer two uniquely themed summer camps for kids in the Columbus area aged 5-9. Our summer camps are a fun, enriching summer childcare option with plenty of engaging activities—and of course, music!

Two Fun Themes, One Awesome Summer

Campers can strum cool chords at Tropical Island Summer Camp or master worldly beats at World Drumming Summer Camp.

Grow Social Skills

Interactive games and team-building activities help little ones work together and build friendships.

Explore Diverse Cultures

Campers can enjoy storytelling, mythology, and dance inspired by global cultures and rhythms.

Lots of Outdoor Fun

What’s the point of summer if you’re stuck inside? Campers will get plenty of fresh air with outdoor games and activities.

summer music camp for kids bexley, oh

Tropical Adventure Summer Camp

Sing, dance, and play music along with your favorite Islander princess and her demi-god pals this summer!

Dates: June 3-14 or July 8-19, 2024 | Time: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

A Summer of Song & Sun

They’ll be singing this sea-loving soundtrack in the car all summer long. Campers will enjoy a unique opportunity to sing and play along on traditional instruments.

summer camps for kids columbus, oh
summer camps for kids bexley, oh

 Movement Through Dance 

Learn to sway like you live on the fictional island of Motunui! Campers will experience the storytelling power of traditional Pacific dances that transform youthful energy into art. 


Arts & Crafts

 Bye-bye boredom—campers will get lost in creativity with crafts that reflect the rich heritage and symbolism of the islands (like the REAL legend of Maui!)

best summer music camps columbus, oh

Celebrate New Skills with Our Capstone Performance

Summer camp concludes with a big performance! Families are welcome to a musical performance demonstrating all the amazing rhythmic skills campers have learned on the final Friday (either June 14 or July 19) at 3 pm.

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World Drumming Summer Camp

Does your child walk to the beat of their own drum? We do, too!
Dates: July 22-August 2, 2024 | Time: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Drumming From Every Corner
Campers will learn to play authentic percussion instruments and create their own beats and rhythms inspired by global traditions.

best summer camps for kids bexley, oh
summer drumming camp for kids

Dance To The Global Beat

Dance is a universal language, and at our camp, campers will discover how movement connects with global drumming traditions.


Artistic Expression: Crafting Rhythms
Campers will express their creativity through all kinds of drum-themed arts and crafts activities.

fun summer camps for kids

You’re Invited To Our Capstone Performance
Summer camp concludes with a big performance! Families are welcome to a mini drumming performance demonstrating all the rhythmic skills learned on the final Friday (August 2) at 3 pm.

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A Few Summer Camp Logistics

Essential Items For Campers
Please ensure your child brings sunscreen and a towel for outdoor activities. We prioritize safety and comfort, ensuring a fun and worry-free experience for all our campers.

Daily Lunch Menu 

  • Monday: Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Tuesday: Hot Dogs
  • Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets
  • Thursday: Grilled Cheese
  • Friday: Pizza Rolls

Snack: chips and fresh fruit: strawberries and bananas

Where To Find Us

Nestled in the heart of Columbus at 2738 E Main St in Bexley, Ohio, we’re excited to provide a summer filled with joy, friendship, and engaging activities.

unique summer music camps for kids

Enroll Your Camper for Summer Camp

Limited enrollment of 60 campers—enroll now to secure your child’s place in one of Columbus’s best summer camps! 

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