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Musical Life Podcast Episode 1: Welcome to Musical Life

Musical Life Podcast

We believe in providing a comprehensive musical education. Our private music lessons incorporate sight-reading, ear-training, music history, musicianship, musicality, and proper technique. If you’re ready for your musical journey get started today!

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Musical Life Podcast: Episode 1 Welcome to Musical Life

We inspire musicians, build community, and guide lifelong musical journeys for students in a welcoming environment using high quality private music instruction for everyone for the betterment of society. Today’s episode of Musical Life provides a guide for those families interested in beginning lessons and those new to lessons. Our veteran music families may find this information helpful, as well. We’ll also include a word from our sponsor Chambers Music Studio, and a tip for a musical life.  

Because we tailor our lessons specifically to each student and family, there is not one recipe that works for everyone. However, in order to truly receive the full benefits of our education, plan to travel on a long term musical journey with us. We offer trial lessons, and holds and withdrawals with 30 days notice for those life situations, but we want to guide you and your family on a 7 to 10 year musical journey. Could it be shorter or longer? Yes. It is tailored for you. However, please understand that 4 lessons, or even 4 months of lessons is not enough time to fully and truly inspire and transform our students. We want you all in. We want you to join us and commit now to this journey. You will truly appreciate the results.

Music is for everyone. We inspire musicians, build community, and guide lifelong musical journeys for students in a welcoming environment using high quality private music instruction for everyone for the betterment of society. We provide a supportive and enriching environment that nurtures their creativity, cultivates their skills, and promotes their personal growth. 

We empower our students to discover the joy and fulfillment that music brings and to develop a deep appreciation for its transformative power. We are committed to providing high-quality instruction, innovative programs, and exceptional service to our community, with the goal of making music education accessible and enjoyable for all. If this sounds like a musical community you would love to be a part of head on over to click the get started button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most studios meet weekly in various lengths on a recurring basis. Typically beginning students start with 30 minutes weekly. There are longer lesson lengths of 45 or 60 minute lessons weekly available. These longer lesson lengths are ideal for older, more experienced or mature students, students that practice regularly each week, or more advanced students. While the 30 minute weekly lesson length works for most students, if a longer lesson length sounds ideal to you, definitely discuss with the teacher and administration.

We teach private and group music lessons to students of all ages and instruments in an inclusive environment.  Each lesson is tailored specifically to each student’s individual needs.  Therefore each student’s practice time will also be specific to that student’s individual needs and goals. A great starting point is to consistently find 1 day a week to have your student share what they learned in the lesson with you. This can be just 5 minutes. Once you meet that goal, move to 2 days a week, and 3.  We know that students and families have booked schedules. We understand that some weeks, practice might not happen, and that is okay. Life happens. We still want you here.  If you need a more guided plan, talk to your teacher and administration to develop a more personalized practice plan. We will have an in depth episode discussing more about practicing. For now, build a small attainable habit, and continue to work toward a larger practice goal. If you are at a studio that requires a larger time commitment than you can offer, it might be a good idea to find a studio that tailors their program for your specific needs.

Music lessons are really a lifelong musical journey. We recommend weekly lessons for several years, because students are developing so many skills. In order to play the piano for example, a student needs to learn the names of all 88 keys. Then he/she/they must learn what that looks like on the grand staff. Once that connection is made, there’s learning how long to hold each note, the type of touch you must play each note, musicality like tone, dynamics, articulation, and mood. There are very high levels of mental and physical engagement while playing a musical instrument. Fine and gross motor skills must be honed, to demonstrate the mood for a piece. Multiple body parts are moving in harmony with each other while a left hand plays chords or alberti bass and the right hand plays a beautiful melody with smooth and separated sounds, then the legs join in to play the pedal in an orchestral symphony. This is an amazing complicated skill with tremendous mental and physical benefits, that simply takes a long time to develop. That doesn’t even include the social emotional applications, problem solving skills, and communication skills. 

We offer various performance opportunities for our students. Some performance opportunities are formal experiences on a prestigious stage, while others might be more casual at an outdoor patio performance. More still might offer an adjudicated experience, or a community service performance. There is always something for everyone. While we do not require students to perform, we do encourage performances for students of every level. The beginning Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star student is just as welcome as the advanced Piano Nocturne student. Performances are a great opportunity to showcase all they have learned. In addition they also offer lifelong learning opportunities to prepare and polish a presentation, to overcome real life obstacles, to accept mistakes and keep moving forward, to understand that while preparation is so important in life, mistakes still happen, and we can still move forward with grace.  Preparing for a formal recital, adjudicated event, or casual gig prepares the students for life.

We inspire musicians, build community, and guide lifelong musical journeys for students in a welcoming environment using high quality private music instruction for everyone for the betterment of society.  Music is a life altering experience. You are learning another language, an intense sport, social-emotional regulation, and more while developing important lifelong skills and habits. It  takes time to fully develop these musical talents, but we find that students learn best when they practice and take lessons on a regular weekly basis.We welcome students of all skill and interest levels and are committed to fostering a love of music. We also want you to commit to the musical transformation. Commit to this educational journey where you will learn music notes, rhythms, dynamics, articulation, musicianship, ear-training, themes, motives, phrasing, practice habits, performance etiquette, overcoming obstacles, developing a social-emotional outlet, fine and gross motor skills to create music, artistic goals and choices, presentation skills, preparation skills….the skills are endless. 

At Chambers Music Studio, we have a bookstore on site for you and your teacher to choose your personalized lesson program. If you have music you would like to practice from band or orchestra class or a musical, you are welcome to bring that as well. We also have pianos and drum sets available for use during your lessons and ukuleles available for purchase. Other instruments should be rented or purchased from a music shop. Violin Loft is the place to get your stringed instruments. They offer various sizes of instruments and make sure that you have the perfect fit for instrument study. School and rock band instruments are best suited to rent or purchase from Music & Arts, while Guitar Center is the place for rock band instruments like ukulele, guitars, etc.

Students studying private piano or group classes only need to bring themselves. Voice students should plan to bring a digital recording device to play accompaniment tracks or record any music to practice. All other instruments should bring their instruments weekly. Once you and the teacher have developed your personalized lesson plan, you should also bring your music each week. This is yours to write in, make notes, and really polish the music. 

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Practice Tips

Each episode will include one tip to try this month to create a more musical life. This month, create a classical music playlist. Listen to it every morning while you get ready. This playlist should include composers and musicians from the past and last about an hour or less. Choose several works by the same composer or from the same time period. Listening to the same playlist every day, even in the background of your daily activities, develops a deeper understanding and appreciation of that music. Each day, you will hear a different element within the music. You will activate all parts of the brain and feel more grounded and focused.  Because there’s such a plethora of classical music, you’ll rarely hear the same pieces very often when listening to a classical music station. While there are benefits to listening to classical music of any kind, you don’t get to deeply understand and appreciate the richness that classical music brings by listening to a piece just once. By the end of the month, you’ll find yourself dancing, swaying, humming along with the music, and come to truly love those pieces.

Are You Ready To Continue Your Musical Journey?

Whether you’re a modern Mozart or just starting to explore the world of music, our music lessons are designed to nurture your individual skills and interests. We aim to make learning music enjoyable and rewarding, no matter where you start on the musical spectrum.

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