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The string family is a beautiful interesting instrument family. Many students can begin as early as age 4 using an age and size appropriate instrument. Most teachers use traditional or Suzuki or a combination of both styles to teaching strings. However, we tailor the lessons to your needs, preferences, learning styles, and goals. Be sure to talk with the teacher about goals at your next lesson! Check out our teachers here.

Violin Lessons Bexley, Ohio


Violin, often referred to as the fiddle, is a great beginning instrument. Students will develop the musical ear and technique with the Suzuki series and music reading skills with the Essential Elements series.

Violin Lessons Bexley, Ohio


Viola looks a lot like the violin, but has a richer, warmer, mellow sound. The viola plays the counter melody or harmony in the symphony. It fits in between the violin and cello parts. Often students begin on violin and later transition to viola.

Violin Lessons in Bexley, Ohio 43209 violin lessons for beginners


The cello is even deeper, richer, and warmer than the viola. This is like the tenor voice of a choir. It's very large, and is played seated with it held upright with the bottom resting on the floor. They make child sized cellos for young beginnings to use.

Violin Lessons in Bexley, Ohio 43209 violin lessons for beginners

Double Bass

Double Bass is the largest, lowest string instrument. This is usually played standing. Students typically begin on cello before transitioning to double bass. This instrument plays the cool walking bass part in a jazz ensemble.

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Research has proven the emotional, physical, and mental benefits that playing an instrument can offer. At Chambers Music Studio, we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality instruction in an enjoyable atmosphere. You’ll develop your expertise in technique, musicianship skills, sight-reading, ear-training, musical styles, and more. With our competitive rates you’re getting a real bargain. 


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