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5 Fantastic Last Minute Summer Camps in Columbus, OH

Scrambling to find a last minute summer camp for your kiddo? No worries, you’re not alone! And yes, there’s still time to get them into a fun, enriching summer program. 

We’ve got a list of five awesome last minute summer camp options right here in Columbus that are ready to welcome your little camper.

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Why Sign Up For Summer Camps?

Summer camps are not just a cliche way to get your kids out of the house (although that may be an added benefit). Summer camps allow your child to experience new things, make new friends, and build up their confidence as a person in the world. 

Choose the right one, and summer camp can be more than just a schedule filler!

Educational Entertainment

Who says learning can’t be fun? Summer camps provide the perfect opportunity to help your kids learn all while having the time of their lives! These summer camps mix play with educational activities that make learning something your kids will look forward to.

In addition to being educational summer camps can also-

Summer camps help build new friendships. 

What’s summer without new friends? Camps are a fantastic place for kids to meet others who share their interests. It’s amazing how fast they can bond over camp games, shared bunks, or a love for crafts.

Summer camps help to increase self-esteem and confidence.

Every new skill and little achievement at camp boosts your child’s confidence. Whether they conquer their fear of heights, learn a new sport, or perform on stage, they come back a bit taller.

Banish “I’m bored” once and for all.

With a daily lineup of activities, summer camp is the perfect antidote to those long summer days of just hanging around the house. Your kids will be too busy having fun to even think about being bored.

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5 Fantastic Last Minute Summer Camps in Columbus, OH

Okay, clearly summer camp is the move for your kids. But is it too late to enroll them?

Trust us, you’re not alone in wondering where you can send your children for both fun and education this summer. Check out these 5 fantastic options in Columbus, Ohio.

And yes, they’re all still accepting sign-ups!

#1 – Chambers Music Studio World Drumming Summer Camp

Chambers Music Studio is passionate about educating children on the joys of music. This summer camp will have your child heading on a rhythmic adventure through World Drumming Summer Camp. 

Children ages 5-9  get hands-on with drums from across the globe, learning about different cultures through music.

#2 – Chambers Music Studio Tropical Islands Summer Camp

Ukuleles, steel drums, and sandy crafts—this Tropical Islands camp brings the beach to Columbus. It’s a perfect mix of music lessons and island fun that will have your young children jamming all summer.

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#3 – YMCA

The YMCA camps are like a buffet of fun—there’s a little bit of everything. Kids can swim, play sports, create art, and more, all under the watchful eyes of caring counselors. 

We recommend the YMCA summer camps because of the plethora of activities. The YMCA also accepts children of all ages- so even your teenager can find something to do this summer!

#4 – The Nest Summer Camp

Tailored for the little ones, The Nest offers adventures that are just right for young explorers. It’s all about learning through play, which is perfect for their first big kid camp experience.

The Nest accepts children aged 5-12 and themes their summer camps around life lessons, exploration, and of course, fun!

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#5 – Columbus Children’s Theater Summer Camp

Got a budding star at home? This camp nurtures young talent, with programs in acting, singing, and even stage makeup. Watch your child shine in the spotlight and gain invaluable stage confidence. 

From set design to performance, your child will learn the full spectrum of theater essentials at this camp.

Signs Of A Fantastic Summer Camp

So we’ve established there are still summer camps accepting enrollment, but how can you make sure they are excellent choices for your child? It can be overwhelming to sift through all the summer camp options for your child.

Here are 4 signs a summer camp is fantastic and worth the price.

 It’s affordable. 

Good news! Great camps don’t have to break the bank. Many offer scholarships or adjustable fees, so ask about financial assistance options.

There’s a full day itinerary. 

From the moment they arrive until you pick them up, great camps keep kids engaged and entertained with a full schedule of activities.

There are options. 

Flexibility is key for busy families. If there are multiple options available, there’s a higher chance you’ll find something that works for you. 

Educational Content

The best camps teach something valuable, whether it’s a new sport, an art technique, or a piece of music. It’s all about growing minds—even when school isn’t in session!

Last Minute Summer Camps: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

Most camps start for kids around 5 years old, but there are plenty of teen program, too. It’s never too early or too late for summer camp fun!

Why is summer camp so expensive?

Putting on a great camp means creating safe and enjoyable experiences with professional staff, good equipment, and sometimes food too. It all adds up, but the experiences are worth every penny.

Is 15 too old to go to summer camp?

Absolutely not! Older kids gain a lot from camp, like leadership skills and college-ready experiences, especially in camps that offer counselor training programs.

Snag Your Spot At Columbus’s Best Last Minute Summer Camp!

Chambers Music Studio offers unique summer camps that mix fun, education, and personal growth in a music-filled atmosphere. 

Let’s make those “I’m bored” moments a thing of the past and introduce them to new adventures and lifelong memories at summer camp!

Don’t miss out—spots fill up fast! Enroll now and give your child a summer they’ll never forget.