Bexley Piano Student Spotlight:

Bexley Piano Student Spotlight 43209

Estelle is 10 years old and just finished the 4th grade. She started singing lessons this year, and she loved working with her teacher Max so much she decided to learn piano with him too! Estelle’s favorite musical experience was being in her school’s musical theatre production this spring. Her goal is to sing on Broadway when she grows up! Estelle’s favorite food is tacos, and her favorite place to go in Bexley is First Corner for bubble tea. She loves the game “Clue,” and her favorite subject in school is reading. If she could meet someone famous, she would choose to meet Taylor Swift! Congratulations and thanks for your hard work, Estelle!

Learn more about piano lessons at Chambers Music Studio!

We welcome young learners of all ages! Piano lessons can start as early as preschool age, as we tailor our approach to suit each child’s developmental stage.

Our teachers are highly skilled and passionate, with years of experience in both teaching and performing. They’re dedicated to providing a well-rounded musical education to each student.

Absolutely! We cater to all skill levels, from beginners just exploring the world of music to advanced students looking to refine their technique and artistry.

Lessons include a blend of practical playing, music theory, sight-reading, ear-training, and musical games to keep learning engaging and fun.

Lesson lengths vary depending on the age and level of the student, but typically range from 30 minutes to an hour.

Yes! We believe in the value of performance and offer recitals and other opportunities for students to showcase their talent and progress.