Musical Life Podcast Episode 8: Columbus Percussion Teacher Spotlight: Jim Lindroth

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The episode of “Musical Life” features an interview with Jim Lindroth, a music teacher at Chambers Music StudioThe podcast, hosted by Julie Chambers, aims to inspire musicians, build community, and guide lifelong musical journeys through high-quality private music instruction. The episode discusses Jim’s musical journey, his degree choices, and career path, as well as alternative degree and career paths related to music. It also discusses many of the transferrable skills from music coursework to non-musical careers. 

Jim's Background

Jim is from South Carolina to Columbus, Ohio, detailing his move for graduate studies and his role as a teacher at Chambers Music Studio. Jim teaches percussion, drums, beginning piano, guitar, and ukulele, with a classical background in percussion. He specializes in classical percussion but also has a strong interest in non-classical instruments like the Irish bodhrán and the Zimbabwean mbira. He describes the unique characteristics and playing techniques of these instruments.

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Jim's Musical Path

Julie shares personal stories about her husband’s Irish heritage, while Jim discusses his Swedish ancestry and the musical traditions in his family. This exchange highlights the cultural richness and personal connections that shape their musical journeys.

 Jim’s early interest in music, starting with piano lessons, was rekindled through a middle school music appreciation class. His experience at the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities in South Carolina was pivotal in shaping his musical career. Jim pursued a degree in percussion performance at the University of South Carolina and moved to Ohio for a strong percussion and ethnomusicology program at Ohio State University.

Music Degree Options

Music Education


Music Business

Music Theory

Music Industry

Bachelor’s of the Arts in Music


Music Composition

Music Therapy

Music Technology

Audio Production


Career Opportunities

Music degrees provide an excellent foundation for future skills. They develop important life skills that are transferrable to non-musical careers. The most obvious music career options are classroom music teacher, private music teacher, or performer. The actual careers options are endless. Skills learned in a Music Education degree are the same skills needed to train new coworkers, break down concepts, and write manuals. Organizational skills like year plans for music teachers become yearly planning in business. Research coursework in Ethnomusicology degrees transfer to any research position. Students in performance degrees learn how to refine a piece of music just like constant revisions in any office position, and how to present their work. Singers earn how to speak into a microphone for future presentations, or speeches at weddings and funerals. Musicians are also taught to think creatively. How else could we play this? How else can we achieve this goal? All companies want people with the skills to think creatively about a project. That’s when the best products, services, and experiences are made. 

Career Opportunities

Elementary Music Teacher

High School Band Director

Middle School Band Director


Private Music Lesson Instructor

Podcast Editor

Stage Manager…




Music Therapist

Music Studio Owner

Sound Engineer

Music Publicist…

High School Choir Director

Middle School Choir Director

Church Organist

Church Choir Director

Event Planner

Sound Designer

Tour Manager…

Tip For A Musical Life

Find a supportive community to enhance one’s musical journey.


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