Student Spotlight 2022 Chambers Music Studio

Student Spotlight 2022

Student Spotlight 2022

Each month a student will be featured in Bexley Living Magazine for exemplary work and dedication to music. We’ll share their photos and responses here too. Enjoy!

May 2022

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Ellie Zupnick

Ellie Zupnick of Ellie’s Jellies brings new meaning to the term triple threat. Superstar Ellie started voice lessons at Chambers Music Studio in the fall of 2021. As a dancer, actress, pianist, and ukulele player, she brings a lot to the table. Ellie loves music in many forms such as attending Broadway performances, listening to pop music, performing in musicals, and more. As a well-rounded student, Ellie also enjoys science, Johnson’s Ice Cream, and swimming. 

April 2022

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Noah Gardner

Noah’s love for music began at a young age. He comes from a musical family. His father played trumpet in the OSU Marching band, and his parents currently sing in the Grove City Chamber Singers. Noah enjoys hearing all the parts of the band playing together and aspires to play in marching band himself one day. 

March 2022

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Walker Ness

When someone mentions Walker Ness, one immediately thinks, “Drummer.” Walker a natural-born percussionist, loves rocking out on his favorite instrument. Besides drumming, you’ll find Walker enjoying burgers, Harvest Pizza, the Bexley Pool, Bakugan, art class, and war.  If you’re out and you hear drumming, it’s probably Walker. 

February 2022

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Jules Clous

Like many musicians, Jules enjoys multiple instruments. A percussionist by day and guitarist by night, Jules enjoys seeing their progress and aspires to become a natural campfire guitarist jamming around the campfire. Besides music a few favorites include Jenga, Vietnamese Stew, and Zencha Tea Salon. 

January 2022

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Jacob Schuman

11 year old Jacob began studying piano at the ripe old age of 6. He took to it like a fish takes to water.  An enthusiastic student, Jacob enjoys playing piano for his friends and family. In between sets, Jacob enjoys tacos, Johnson’s Ice Cream, Billy Joel, chess, monopoly, math, and Judaics.