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Student Spotlight 2021

Student Spotlight

Each month a student will be featured in Bexley Living Magazine for exemplary work and dedication to music. We’ll share their photos and responses here too. Enjoy!

December 2021

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Adeline Edge

Adeline, aka AJ or BB, first studied piano in the third grade. Now she’s rocking out to Black Keys, Chvrches, Billie Eilish  and some of her own songs on ukulele and guitar. Besides creating her own songs, she loves Minecraft, Starbucks, Algebra I, and Honors World Studies.

November 2021

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Mila Judd

Mila, an avid musician, loves listening to and playing piano. She loves classical music, and excitedly awaits her opportunity to play difficult classical music. Mila’s favorite Bexley spots are Graeter’s, Johnson’s, and Chambers Music Studio. Mila’s favorite things are gym, art, science, music, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

October 2021

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Ren & Christine Overway

Ren loves pizza, breadsticks, history, and hide and seek; Christine loves pancit, classical languages, Regina Spektor, but they both love piano. Ren began piano lessons just weeks before the pandemic shut down in 2020. After only a handful of lessons in person, he switched to online lessons like most of the country. Online lessons were difficult for Ren because of his age and limited experience in piano. Christine knew that he really would enjoy piano, so she decided to model piano for him and took over his piano lessons. For several months, she met Ren’s teacher online for her own piano lessons. Ron observed her lessons and practicing throughout the week and eventually asked to return to lessons! Her magnificent plan worked! Pretty soon both mother and son were studying piano and performing at studio recitals. 

September 2021

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Anika Ferral

Anika has been playing piano since she was in kindergarten. Inspired by Taylor Swift, she enjoys playing piano at home for fun and in our student recitals. She finds learning a new song difficult at first, but loves practicing the piece until it’s easy and fun. She loves gym, writing, Graeter’s, Johnson’s, white cheddar Mac and cheese, and the Sassy Nail Salon. 

August 2021

Christine Reinhardt

Christine is a mental health therapist at Gahanna Counseling, indoor cycling instructor at 11 Athletics, and music enthusiast. She began piano lessons in 2nd grade and continued throughout school and into adulthood. She’s studied in jazz and athletic bands and enjoys listening to the drum beat to the music in her cycling classes. Inspired by Parliament Funkadelic, she’s studied many instruments, but loves marching band and wedding bands. 

July 2021

Brad Robertson-Boyd

June 2021

piano lessons columbus ohio

Priya Roy

After a few years’ break from piano lessons, Priya returned to piano lessons in 2018 at Chambers Music Studio. Playing piano provides her an opportunity to unwind from the everyday troubles. She loves the Beatles and hopes to one day meet Paul McCartney. Her favorite pieces are Hey Jude and Yesterday. Besides music she loves massanam curry, Giuseppe’s, biology, and golf. 

May 2021

Trumpet Lessons

Brianna Dekle

Each month a student will be featured in Bexley Living Magazine for exemplary work and dedication to music. We’ll share their photos and responses here too. Enjoy!

 Brianna Rose Dekle, 11 years old, 6th grade

Although I recently switched to trumpet, I began taking piano lessons during elementary school.

My favorite instrument is trumpet because I can play it anywhere. I love being part of the band and connecting with other musicians.

My first memories in life are singing and dancing, so I guess you can say I’ve been inspired by music my entire life. From the time I was four years old, I wanted to create my own music.

What I enjoy the most about playing music is that each song tells a story, and I get to be part of that story.


My favorite experience so far on the trumpet has been joining the 7th/8th grade band.

Since attending a skull session in the fourth grade, I’ve wanted to be a member of The Ohio State University Marching Band.

Although I love sushi, my favorite food of all time is my mom’s seven layer lasagna.

My favorite places to go in Bexley are Zen Cha, the pool and Starbucks.

My favorite subjects in school are music and science.

If I could meet someone famous, I would pick Malala Yousafzai.

My favorite games to play with friends are escape rooms.

March 2021

Winers.jbg Winers.jbg

Ashley Winer

 Ashley Winer, 11 years old, 5th grade

I started taking voice lessons with Julie 2 1/2 years ago.

Voice is my favorite instrument.

Hello Dolly on Broadway inspired me to be a vocalist.

I enjoy working on music that challenges me to be the best singer I can be, mostly Broadway songs. I feel most comfortable while I am on a stage.


My favorite experience was when I was Young Nala in The Lion King Junior at the JCC.

My goal is to try to sing challenging pieces to the best of my ability and never give up.

My Grandmother’s pasta

 The Jewish Community Center, Harvest Pizza, and Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

Colleen Ballinger-Broadway Start and Youtuber