Private Lesson Teacher

Piano, Voice, Guitar, & Brass

Inspire the next generation of musicians at Chambers Music Studio!

We’re seeking enthusiastic Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Brass Teachers for our studio locations in Bexley and Columbus who share our dedication to nurturing musical talents across all ages. Here, you’ll join a team that values creativity, collaboration, and the joy of music. 

Piano Instructor Columbus, Ohio 43209

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • Fill your schedule quickly—all instruments have students ready to book with you RIGHT NOW.
  • We handle booking lessons, invoicing and payments, and all the other administrative duties so you can focus on doing what you love—teaching music.
  • We offer attractive pay, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for growth.
  • Enjoy the freedom to get creative with your teaching methods while also getting the support, training, and resources of a well-established studio.


  • Tailor private and group lessons to individual student needs at the studio.
  • Collaborate in organizing and participating in recitals and community events that showcase student talents.
  • Engage with the studio community on-site and during performances.


  • Proficiency in Piano, Voice, Guitar, or Brass, with a solid foundation in music theory and practice.
  • Experience in teaching diverse age groups, showcasing patience, enthusiasm, and adaptability.
  • Alignment with our studio’s mission and values, with a passion for community-building through music.

About Chambers Music Studio

Chambers Music Studio is a place where music education meets creativity and community. Located in Bexley and Columbus, OH, Chambers Music Studio is dedicated to nurturing musical talents across all ages. Our studio was founded by a passionate musician and educator, and offers music lessons for nearly any instrument, including piano, voice, guitar, and brass.