Musical Life Episode 3: Interview with Christine Overway

Musical Life Podcast

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Musical Life Podcast: Episode 3 Interview with Christine Overway

Christine Overway is a studio parent. She has two kids currently studying at the studio and has herself taken lessons with us as an adult beginner. Her first sone Ren had his first lesson the day before the covid 19 shut down! He loved the lesson, but quickly found online lessons very difficult. Many of us understand this trouble, especially with very young students. Christine, without realizing it, utilized an age old teaching technique called modeling. She took over his lessons with his teacher and modeled how to take lessons, how to practice, and how much fun lessons are. Due to the pandemic lock-down, Sen observed these lessons and practice daily. Pretty soon he was begging to get his lessons back even though they were still online! They gradually gave him a few minutes of his lessons back until he finally reached his full 30 minute lesson. He’s been a solid student ever since. This also really helped get his younger sister interested and excited about music. Now his younger sister, Vera, also takes piano lessons.

Throughout the years, they have discovered the joy and fulfillment that music brings, but also the academic skills. Listen to hear her interesting musical journey.

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Students will love to do what you do. When they see you practice, they will want to play too! This works with older siblings too!



Performances are scary for everyone even adults, but once you perform it becomes easier. Plus you learn important lifelong skills through performance.

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