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Home Performances

Home Performances: While we’re stuck at home in this quarantine, it’s difficult to find joy and happiness in the same old same old. Music and art have historically been an important part of everyday life. Sometimes it signals the start of something new, reflects our emotions, or even tries to capture beauty in some form for the future. I’ve challenged many students to give home performances to share with everyone. We’re hoping that you can find joy in these performances.

Picnic with Friends

This is Anika in Bexley, OH performing Picnic with Friends from the Faber Piano Adventures series. She really enjoyed preparing this piece. Piano has become a wonderful outlet for her; she just goggles up her music each week always ready for more. 

Havah Nageela

This is Jacob in Bexley performing Havah Nageela from the Faber Jewish series. Jacob is an exceptional student. He is very enthusiastic about music and always is asking for more music to practice and learn. 

Diddle Diddle Dumpling

This is Amelia singing Diddle Diddle Dumpling in her charming side porch in central Ohio.

“I learned this folk song while studying music pedagogy in Hungary with my Australian friend Owen. I love his passion for teaching music and am constantly inspired by him.”

Julie Chambers

On My Own

If you haven’t heard of this classic, you must check out Les Miserable. A musical adapted from the French historical novel by Victor Hugo. The characters are a sweet orphan girl, Cosette, a jailor, Javert, and a prisoner, Jean. It’s an emotionally fantastic story. Enjoy this Home Performance. 

This is “On My Own” performed by the mother daughter duet: Lillya and Meredith from their cozy home in Columbus, Ohio.

The Music Man

The Music Man

Synopsis: There’s a swindler named Professor Harold Hill that sells bands to the town. He goes to a new town. Creates a problem to scare the parents like getting a pool table in the community. Then he starts gossip about the kids using choice words like swell. He gets everyone so concerned about the kids behind the scenes and then offers a solution to everyone. “Get your kids involved in the band.” Then he sells them instruments, uniforms, the works. Usually after he sells everything, he skips town without having taught the anything. This time is different. This time he falls for a piano teacher/librarian, Marian. That’s where this song leads us. 

Join us in enjoying this Home Performance of The Music Man.

This is Carmen singing “Til There Was You” from the Music Man. Carmen is an excellent student in Columbus studying bother piano and voice lessons. She’s also an excellent guitar player. 

Colors of the Wind

Colors of the Wind is a Disney favorite from Pocahontus. This piece is so fitting, because it describes beauty in everyday life. The poetry is gorgeous reflecting on “the wolf cry[ing] to the blue corn moon”, “tasting sun sweet berries”, “sing[ing] with all the voices of the mountains’“ and “paint[ing] with all the colors of the wind”.” Try to find this beauty that Pocahontus finds in our current situation.

Revel in this gorgeous Home Performance by another mother/daughter duo.


During this time of quarantine, I have found that my voice lessons have really made me much happier. I enjoy singing and messing around on the piano. One thing that I especially enjoy is getting to sing my favorite Disney songs. When I first started lessons in January, I was thrilled when I learned that I could get a Disney book. My favorite song so far has definitely been Colors of the Wind, from Pocohontas. When I was told that I could record the song with my mom, who is a piano teacher, I became even more happy. I have worked very hard on this song and I am excited to share it with everybody!
Lindi Sweeney

Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds is a famous song from Mary Poppins. This musical taking place in historic England, follows the path of a father as he discovers the most important parts of life. Delight in this Home Performance from your own home by Ashley. 

Ashley singing Feed the Birds from the comfort of her own home. Ashley is an incredible voice student. She always has some musical plan she’s hoping to execute.